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Map of Brest Terres Océanes (fr)


Make the most of your stay in Iroise, and visit Brest, only ten minutes away by car. 


You can visit four important museums in Brest: the Marine museum, the Art museum, the Tanguy tower museum and the Art Centre Passerelle.

  • The Musée national de la Marine

The Musée national de la Marine is located inside Brest Castle, an impressive medieval fortress. The museum’s collection retraces 17 centuries of the history of Brest’s arsenal and ocean-going fleets.

  • The Tanguy tower

The museum on the history of Brest (historical reconstructions and diorama) is situated in the  Tour Tanguy.

  • Océanopolis

Explore the oceans thanks to Océanopolis, the only exposition of its kind in Europe. Discover the three wonderful and unique ocean environments and 1 000 different species.

  • The natural harbour of Brest

Discover one of the most beautiful natural harbours of Europe.

  • The naval base of Brest

It may be possible to visit a warship, according to availabilities (2 hour visit).

Access is authorised to citizens of the European Union and the NATO (some form of identification is needed)  Other citizens have to make a request  beforehand.

  • The Harbour of the Chateau, the Commercial Harbour and the Yachting




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